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Coping With Anxiety In 20 Minutes A Day


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Hi! I'm Margaret Wang, and I'm an Asian-American licensed psychotherapist in California. I'm so glad you're taking the first step.

You might be find yourself worrying non-stop.
You're feeling alone in this.
 You’ve tried podcasts, meditation, and journaling, but it’s not helping.  
You might feel frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed.


Three Misconceptions About Anxiety

In this FREEBIE, you will get three pages of relaxation exercises to use in your everyday life.

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    Individual & Group Psychotherapy

    I offer individual and group therapy via phone and video, while ensuring that the telehealth medium is secured and confidential.

    For the driven woman of color

    How To Cope When
    You're Feeling Anxious
    In The Morning

    When You're Sick Of Ruminating

    How To Work When You're Not Feeling Your Best

    Maybe you look amazing on paper but your insides don't mirror that. Or you feel stuck and your fears are holding you back. I'm excited to tell you that you can get everything done EVEN IF it doesn't seem like there's enough time in the day. 

    When working with clients, my focus is on making sure that you feel heard and understood. I find that it is so important to approach my work with non-judgment and openness.

    Whether you are working through intergenerational trauma, or are hoping to overcome symptoms of depression, I am here. I find that it's imperative that we collaborate and you determine your goals because you know yourself best. I’m here to help you better manage whatever circumstances are leaving you feeling helpless, and I will equip you with the skills to cope with difficult emotions.

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    In this FREEBIE, you will get three pages of relaxation exercises to use in your everyday life, along with strategies to cope with anxiousness that comes up during meditation. 

    Three Misconceptions About Anxiety