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Coping With Anxiety In 20 Minutes A Day


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Three Misconceptions About Anxiety

In this FREEBIE, you will get three pages of relaxation exercises to use in your everyday life.

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    For the driven woman of color

    Maybe you get frustrated with yourself and tell yourself, "I'm too lazy" or "Why can't I just get it together?" Or you might think to yourself, "So-and-so does it all. Why can't I?" Sometimes these thoughts can back-fire and prevent us from doing what we can do. 

    Are You Hard On Yourself?


    It’s hard when we’re tired and things affect us more than they usually do. Have you ever had that experience when you blow up over something little? To make things worse, other people’s responses aren’t validating; they’ll say something like, “Come on, it wasn’t such a big deal. We can fix it.” It’s not about the little thing that went wrong. Often it’s the compounding of different things that made you upset.

    How To Get Through A Tough Week...

    We’ve all been there. That feeling that everything is happening all at once. It seems like it’s just too much. You might feel consumed by your thoughts. The hard part about feeling overwhelmed is that it sometimes takes a big cry or a surge of intense emotions before we realize that we need to slow down or take a break.  

    How To Handle Stress:
    Four Tangible Exercises 

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    How I can help...

    I’m here to help you better manage your anxieties and get to a place where you can identify your emotions and this course will help you be better equipped to help you cope with difficult emotions.

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    Can you imagine…?

     You can get to this place where anxiety is something along the periphery -- where you wouldn’t feel debilitated by it and you could work with it. It’s not an exaggeration; it’s a reality.

    In this FREEBIE, you will get three pages of relaxation exercises to use in your everyday life, along with strategies to cope with anxiousness that comes up during meditation. 

    Three Misconceptions About Anxiety